Intro Capital is a seed stage Bitcoin-based platform for the burgeoning litigation finance industry.

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We are based in the beautiful state of Wyoming.

About Capital is a Bitcoin-based platform for combinatorial auctions in litigation funding and insurance. Consumptive utility tokens form the basis by which domain experts evaluate and scrutinize claims in staged combinatorial processes. Markets in consumptive, litigation utility tokens are made and paired exclusively against Bitcoin.

Candidate cases are submitted via an application for funding. Domain experts curate and select cases best suited for funding. An in depth due diligence process is conducted to further assess legal merits, plaintiff and counsel, creditworthiness, and other litigation budget considerations. Approved cases are eligible to be funded on the platform.

Once funded, selected cases are litigated and staged funding is released as additional details are revealed throughout the litigation process. If the claim is successful, the funders receive a pro-rata share of the award.

See the Capital funding flow model.


The Capital platform is available in these jurisdictions:

  • WY